We offer an extensive range of Attachments to suit your Material Handling Soloutions.

Forklift attachments are used to allow forklifts to handle single or multiple loads of various shapes and sizes. Attachments can be used to enable forklifts to push, pull, clamp, rotate, lift or sideshift loads of almost any shape or size in many types of industry. Fitting attachments will affect the lifting capacity of your forklift truck and you may require additional hydraulic services. We recommend you take advantage of our free survey when considering attachments.

Attachments available can include: 


  • Rotating fork clamps
  • Fork positioners
  • Bale clamps and pulp clamps
  • Double pallet handlers
  • Keg clamps
  • Beer clamps
  • Carton clamps and appliance clamps
  • Paper roll clamps
  • Etc.



How-ever your existing trucks either new or used , if you want to install any kind of attachment , we can add it for you e.g paper rolls clamp, push pull (use slipsheet without pallets), telescopic forks, rollers forks, sideshift, forks positioning, any kinds of  clamp, keep, buckets, tippers, container...…

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