Towing Tractors

Tow Tractors are becoming more popular for horizontal transport. They already play an active role in docks, railway stations and airports. By transporting a linked series of loads drives down costs against transporting loads in multiple trips with a conventional Forklift Truck. There are various types of Tow Tractors available to suit the transporting of goods over long distances, indoors and outdoors or in assembly line situations or between manufacturing stages.

DPT can offer TAYLOR -DUNN from USA who specialized  electric towing trucks  which have tow capacity ranging from 6000 kg to 76000 kg

  DPT can offer the TAYLOR-DUNN trucks from USA who specialized  electric tow tractors . Trucks have tow capacity ranging from 6000 kg to 76000 kg. We can offer the reconditoned tow tractor from other makers from EC as well e.g LINDE, STILL, BT... We can grant one year warranty even…

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