Order Picking

Order Picking Forklifts are efficient and essential for many distribution systems in various types of business. There are 3 types of order pickers available: Low Level Order Picker, Medium Level Order Picker and High Level Order Picker. These can have various configurations including fixed forks, rising forks and walk through platforms. Battery changing facilities are available for multi-shift operations. A Free Site Survey will provide efficient picking solutions to drive down distribution costs and maximise production and output. 

Order Picking Forklifts are available in many variations, below is a list of the most common,

  • Order Picking Forklift Truck - Low Level
  • Order Picking Forklift Truck - Medium Level
  • Order Picking Forklift Truck - High Level

 DPT are the sole agent of MAGAZINER from Germany who specialized only  VNA trucks maker. Trucks have capacity ranging  to 1000 kg, lifting to 8m.Man up and manual handle the goods/ order picker. Not as other truck, this truck is easy diagnostic and repair without computer . 

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