We offer an extensive range of Articulated Forklifts to suit your Material Handling Soloutions.

Articulated Forklift Trucks provide a more efficient storage facility against the conventional counterbalance Forklift truck and Reach Truck. Articulated Forklift Trucks can increase storage space available by up to 50%. Articulated trucks are designed to work inside and out and this flexibility allows one truck to be utilised for two or possibly three roles. By reducing the need of double pallet handling along with the increased storage capacity reduces the costs of each pallet stored. Battery changing facilities are available for multi-shift operations.

Articulated Forklifts for Material Handling requirements:

  • Front wheels and mast swing - Electric and LPG power
  • Mast swing - Electric and LPG power

This truck works in aisles as narrow as 1.8M, has a basic capacity of 1363kg at 600mm load center  until 2500kg and has lift heights available to 12.5M  , powered either by battery or LPG

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This type of truck has a unique design enabling drivers to rotate the mast assembly 90° and shift left and right to pick or place loads in racks from very narrow aisles without turning the forklift. It will operate in aisles as narrow as 1.37M, allowing maximized storage in your warehouse. The  forklift gives you…

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