Stacker Forklifts

Electric and Manual Stackers

Manual Stacker Trucks, Semi Electric Stacker Trucks and Full Electric Stacker Trucks are used for pallet transfer along with the ability to stack pallets at various heights to provide maximum use of space available. Stacker Truck selection will depend on the amount of pallets to be moved and over what distance along with the weight of the pallets and height of the stacking required.

Stacker Trucks can be adapted to handle specific items such as drums, paper reels etc. they can also be adapted to position pallets and stillage’s etc. for production line applications. 

Stacker Forklifts are available in many variations, below is a list of the most common.

  • Manual Stacker Forklift - Walk With
  • Electric Stacker Forklift - Walk With
  • Electric Stacker Forklift - Ride On
  • Electric Stacker Forklift - Stand In
  • Electric Stacker Forklift - Seated

DPT can offer brand new or conditioned stacker from EC makers.  This stacker has capacity ranging from 1400 kgs to 2000 kgs.  Suitable for the warehouse has the aisle with at least 2,5 meters

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We offer many kind of Manual Stacker Forklift from many manufacturers for your choice.

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