Forklift Truck Hire

Whatever the term, hire from DPT...

Short Term Hire - Will allow you to deal with the peaks and troughs in demand within your own organisation.  These may be seasonal fluctuations, economic variations, temporary work or cover whilst budgets are agreed or existing equipment is under going repair.  Our fleet is available for any period from a day to weekly or monthly hire.  With over 50 trucks on our casual fleet we can satisfy your needs.

Long Term Hire – For planned fixed term contracts or a longer term you can make savings on the casual rate without the usual termination penalties associated with longer hires.  When an uncertain future impacts on capital decisions yet a requirement exists, let us worry about the residual risk, balance sheet implications, maintenance cover and downtime costs while you run your business.

Contract Hire – Hire lengths can vary dependent on individual circumstances and customer needs.

New forklift equipment is supplied at the beginning of each term.  The finance element of the hire is lower than for ownership as they reflect less than 100% of the equipment cost.  As the maintenance is included in the rental and the whole rental is allowable against taxable income it is a very popular method of acquiring the latest equipment.  Other benefits of this hire are management time is kept to a minimum, you have fixed budgeting with no unexpected repair bills and your fleet remains modern and efficient.

Purchase and Hire Back
– If you would like to realise the asset value of your own equipment, allowing you control over the deal for re-investment in your business, or rationalise the existing fleet management, then let us look at your forklift truck fleet and where appropriate purchase these forktrucks, replace them where necessary and hire them back to you on a contract hire basis.  You will then know and control your monthly costs, including maintenance for the period ahead.  The hire rate will invariably reflect the purchase price of the equipment.

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