Lift trucks driving training

We have supplied Forklift driver skills training  within 1 to 3 days depend of each kind of truck
A) Theoretical Content
-          Introduction
-          Safe operating pratices
-          Industrial safety
-          Fork truck stability
-          Daily Inspection of truck and battery
-          Features and familiarisation of truck
-          Interlocks and function
B) Practical Content
-          Introduction to the truck
-          Explanation of control and instruments
-          Daily inspection checks
-          Elementary driving skills (starting, stopping,emergency stops, steering and manoeurring)
-          Battery care and charging
-          Introduction to hydraulic control
-          Interlocks – How, Where, and When they apply
-          Manoeurring truck for entry and exit of aisles
-          Stacking and destacking loads, in stacks and racking.


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