Lifting Clamps

DPT offers clamps that allow the forklift to handle a wide range of materials of all shapes and sizes. The clamps allow push, pull, clamp, rotate, lift or bring back and forth .. all kinds of industrial goods. Clamping attachments affect the ability of the vehicle to lift and may require the addition of hydraulic equipment. We recommend that you advise before purchasing clamps.

Types of clamps

  • Rotating fork clamps
  • Fork positioners
  • Bale clamps and pulp clamps
  • Double pallet handlers
  • Keg clamps
  • Beer clamps
  • Paper roll clamps
  • Paper clip.

Request details or quote:

    Hydraulic device attached to the forklift

    Whether new or used car, if the customer needs to add anything, we are ready to respond for example: paperclip, push-pull (using slipsheet to replace pallet), lift and stretch forward, wheel lift, lift back and forth, position the lift, clamp types, grasp, shake, shovel, flip goods of all kinds. New or used goods, are warranted for up to 1 year.