Reach trucks

The Reach Trucks provides the best productivity and storage solution for the reach Trucks. They are designed to maximize the use of warehouse space while allowing for the lifting of goods to great heights. Reach Trucks have their batteries replaced in a separate area for multi-shift operation.

Reach Trucks comes in many varieties, the most common being:

Reach Truck - Narrow Road Truck - Standard
Reach Truck - Outdoors
Reach Truck - 4 Way

Reach Truck - Double deep

We offer new or used products of this type, from European manufacturers, both with a 1 year warranty.
This vehicle works for a double deep shelf, without bottom beam - a shelf with an available area of 30%, using batteries, loading from 1.6 to 2.5 tons, lifting from 2 up to 11 meters, aisle width + turning head need only 3.2 m minimum.

Options: Cabin for cold storage:

Cabin consists of 2 layers of anti-shatter glass (polycarbon), 2-layer heating system, small heating resistance fiber.

- 2-way intercom in / out.

Air heating and two modes rotation 500W and 1200W

- Get fresh air from outside.

- One main door and two exit doors on both sides.

Reach Truck - Four directions

We supply this product from European and American manufacturers for both new and used 100%, both with 1 year warranty.
Application: Goods with long size, to save width of aisle, this reach truck can move in 4 directions with narrow corridor for reach truck 2.8 - 3m.


Reach Truck - Outdoors

We supply new or used products of this type from European and American manufacturers.
This vehicle has large, solid rubber wheels, can work indoors or outdoors, using batteries, load from 1.4 to 3 tons, lift from 2 to 8 meters, width go + turn head only need a minimum of 3m.

Reach Truck - Standard

We offer new or used products of this type, from European manufacturers, this vehicle works for selective racking, using batteries, load from 1 to 2, 5 tons, 2 to 11 meters high, aisle width + turn only need minimum

Reach Truck - Narrow

We provide this type of vehicle from the new European manufacturer 100% or used, with warranty up to 1 year.
This type of vehicle has a width of 1080mm, the cabin section shrinks 980mm, the car can run into the shelf, the drive-in racks (underground racks) - available area 70%.

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