Attaching, replacing spare parts

Additional hydraulic devices for forklifts are available

Whether your forklift is new or old, from any brand, you need to add other hydraulic functions that are not configured, for example, telescopic forks. ; paper roll clamp; tilting chute, flip; sideshift (sideshift); forks positioning; Lift can clamp, rotate ...

DPT's service will add these functions according to all the requirements: new or used to meet your requirements.

Food and accessories

We supply forklift parts, controls and batteries for electric forklifts: for Japanese, American and European vehicles, Food from two Hawker manufacturers with Polish C / O (EU) and high grade Other levels ETERNITY from UAE are covered by 2 years warranty.

New or used controls, joysticks, transformers ... Wheels, seals, hydraulic valves… for almost all brands of forklifts. There is a full range of spare parts searching software and after being replaced / installed, there are also full specialized software / tools to calibrate and put into use. Our customers understand that they can trust DPT's quality, speed and efficiency to keep their fleet running well. We also provide other spare parts related to loading and unloading goods such as sideloaders, trailers and high lift equipment.

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