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Electric forklift or LPG forklifts

Comparing Costs of Propane / Diesel Forklifts to Electric ForkliftsPropane forklift The comparison of Propane / Diesel to Electrics today should focus on three main Objectives. Cost, Environmental Impact and Employee Affects. Often referred to as the “Triple Bottom Line” all of these three areas have changed in the last few years. When utilize technologies of […]

Linde announces the electric forklift

A Linde statement says that the E12 to E20 series, based on the 39X series electric car and the R14X to R17X series electric car, have a few improvements designed for energy control. The electric charging system is located in the electric car driving seat [...]

Forklift brands are losing their appeal

-Europe By Christine Cranney Forklift customers in Europe are increasingly choosing a forklift based on how much money they can save and abandoning brand loyalty, as News discovered in a mini-survey of forklift dealers and distributors this week. René Eenhoorn from Nissan Forklift Europe BV says the decision to choose a replacement fleet is […]