Lift trucks driving training

DPT trains forklift driving skills for 1 to 3 days depending on vehicle type. After testing, if they pass, they will be certified by the representative of the vehicle manufacturer.

The training program includes:

A) Theory:
- General introduction
- Safe operating practices
Safety principles in industry.
- The balance (stability) of the forklift
- Daily check for forklifts and batteries
- Features and familiarity with forklifts
- Lock system and functions

B) Practice:
- A practical introduction to the forklift.
- Explain how to control and understand displays
- Realistic inspection before daily operation
- Train basic driving skills (start, stop, emergency stop, steering and turn skills)
- Practice taking care of the battery and how to charge it.
- Introduce / get acquainted with hydraulic control system
- Lock function - how to lock, where and when to lock.
- How to control vehicles entering and exiting an aisle
Load and pick up a palllet, when the pallets are stacked on top of each other or in a row of shelves.

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