Pallet stackers - electric and manual

Pallet stackers - electric and manual

Xe-nang-xep-pallet-dien-tayHand pallet stackers, electric and manual stackers and electric stackers are used to move pallets with the ability to stacking pallets up to multiple heights to maximize storage space. Choosing which type of pallet truck depends on the number of pallets to move and the distance traveled, and must calculate the weight of the pallet and the height to be stowed.
The stacker can be used to handle stacking and move specific objects such as drums, paper rolls. They can also be used to move pallets across production lines. The following are the forklifts of this category:

- Hand pallet truck - Parallel

- Electric stacker - Parallel

- Electric stacker - Stand up

- Electric stacker - Stand inside

- Electric stacker - Sit inside

Stacking forklift using battery - type of walking or with a standing platform

DPT supplies new / used vehicles, from European manufacturers.
Vehicles with payloads from 1400 kg to 2000 kg, lifting up to 6 m.

Suitable for warehouse with a minimum width of 2.5m

Hand pallet truck

We offer this product from many leading manufacturers.

Sufficient options to lift pallets or clamp drums.

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