Counterweight electric forklift

DPT supplies counterbalanced electric forklifts - new or used goods, from European and American manufacturers. Both models are warranted for up to 1 year.

Counterbalance forklifts are used in areas where the air environment is required to be kept clean, and emissions are limited, which cannot be applied by Gas and Oil forklifts. As in the environment of food, pharmaceutical, cold storage ...

3-wheel counterbalance forklift with lifting capacity up to 2000kg has easy maneuverability, works well in tight spaces (3.5m width turning head). 4 wheel counterbalance forklift allows lifting weight up to 8000kg. A wide range of options for maximum lift capacity - comes with corresponding Accu to meet a wide range of lifting needs and optimize work efficiency. A means of replacing the battery is required for the forklift to operate in continuous shifts.

xe nang dien doi trong counter balance reach truck

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