Forklift rental

Cho thue xe nangShort-term

Allows you to cope with urgent needs within the organization. Be it business cycles, economic upheaval, staffing crises, while budgets are tight or existing equipment is being repaired. Our fleet is ready to meet your needs.

Long-term rent 

For long term fixed contracts or when you want to save money with a long term lease. When future economic conditions are uncertain, leave us accountable for taking risks, balancing accounting, maintenance and operating costs while you focus entirely on the business. You are completely sure of operating costs, not afraid of arising.

Depending on the contract

The time limit depends on the agreement between the two parties and other detailed terms.

Lifting equipment is provided at the beginning of the period. The economics of hiring are of course better than buying new ones because they are less than 100% of asset value. Because maintenance costs are included in the rental cost and the rental cost is concessional in income tax. This is the best way to get the latest vehicle. Another advantage of this approach is that it minimizes management time, does not worry about maintenance costs and your fleet is always new and efficient.

Buy and sublease

If you want to realize the asset value of your equipment, allowing you to control the amount of reinvestment in your business, let DPT look at your fleet and if we agree. intention to buy back, replace if necessary, then let you rent it again according to the details in the contract. Now you will know exactly and control the monthly cost, including the maintenance cost for the next period. Rental price will reflect the correct purchase price of equipment.

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